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The Christian Life: Forgiveness in Your Life

Being a Christian and deciding to live for Christ, puts you in the cross hairs of the devil, his followers and his demons.

It’s Game On

Your eyes are now open, so you not only know the difference between right and wrong, you are convicted, when you do wrong. There will be the unction of the Holy Spirit and you might hear that still, small voice urging you not to do wrong.

Living a Christian life, which is pure and sin less; is almost impossible. That is why there is forgiveness and starting over with a clean slate in Christ Jesus. God knew the adversary that we are up against will trip and deceive, even the best and strongest among us.

So every time you sin, in thought and deed, seek forgiveness.

Don’t wait for later, at night time when you pray, or when you go to church; ask God for forgiveness immediately. Also, seek the strength and will to overcome your weakness.

Many of us forget that God is understanding; but that does not mean you should do presumptuous sin. Sin has consequences. You will experience them whether you seek forgiveness, or not.


I wrote the book Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, to share spiritual secrets about this stronghold that affects millions. The bible says for lack of knowledge my people perish’ therefore, it is important to understand how to wage spiritual warfare against the ills that affect you.


This book is a Christian literary work that shares valuable and potent information regarding the physical and spiritual truth about depression and suicide.

Get your copy of the book, Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, today!


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