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The Christian Life: Giving The Gift of Love Through Your Life

A few days ago, I wrote about waking up with a song in your heart and tackling the day for what Jesus would have you do.

This morning I woke up with an old song in my heart that my spirit was singing; I haven’t heard it in a while.

“And the gift goes on, the Father gave the Son, and the gift goes on, The Son gave the Spirit, and the gift goes on, the Spirit gave us life so we could give the gift of Love

That entire phrase kept being repeated in my spirit. God is truly amazing because I know I have not heard that song in years. But he was able to pull from my long term memory and reinforce a message to me, through music – which is one of the powerful mediums of communication and influence.

Today, give the gift of Love. Smile with someone, ask how they are doing. Say a kind word, do a kind deed. Sometimes, this is all we need to do, to witness for Jesus Christ.


I wrote the book Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, to share spiritual secrets about this stronghold that affects millions. The bible says for lack of knowledge my people perish’ therefore, it is important to understand how to wage spiritual warfare against the ills that affect you.


This book is a Christian literary work that shares valuable and potent information regarding the physical and spiritual truth about depression and suicide.

Get your copy of the book, Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, today!


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