The Natalia Chronicles part 13 – The good you see, maybe hiding evil

By: Denise N. Fyffe
Copyright © 2011, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

People aren’t really what they put out sometimes.

Sometimes the most evil among us, are publicly the most charitable, generous, and likable citizens.
And on the flip-side, there are those who seem apparently bad, which in their heart, is a well-spring of goodness.

Some people act out for various reasons. Whether it is that they suffer great loss, and tragedy; or they were deeply hurt, depressed and loathe themselves.

Disappointment is a fact of life. But Natalia thinks that in this time people are overcome and at a loss of handling the burdens in their lives. They might look like an overcrowded Indian train, journeying through life’s wasteland.

Which are you?

I admit sometimes, I am the latter.


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