Jamaica Military Tattoo 2012: A yahso so nice, Granny

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaicans are the first to tell you that they love excitement and appreciate a good show, especially one like the Jamaica Military Tattoo. However, even on their best behavior, there will be rumblings if any aspect of that performance is not up to par. One of the negative aspects of the Jamaica Military Tattoo show, were the numerous marching band displays. It was not the band themselves which were a little monotonous, but the music.

While the movements and sequence of the bands were pristine, there was a little culture disconnect. The bag pipers of the Canadian band and at times, the UK Military band, were not producing the groovy melodies which Jamaicans were used to. Trinidad and Tobago Military Band managed to spice up their session at the Jamaica Military Tattoo, by playing soca and reggae music and even managed to get a few gyrations and pelvic dances into the routine.

The Jamaica Defence Force female marching display was totally enthralling for every patron in the crowd; not just the men. It was filled with creative Jamaican dance moves and steps, while keeping it in time to their drill movements. Popular Jamaican reggae and dancehall music was also used. The women looked quite captivating in their white Jamaica Military Tattoo display garbs.

The highlight of the Jamaica Military Tattoo for most people who attended the show could come down to one of two displays. First the parachuters from the Guyanese Defence Force Parachuting Team, who kept everyone wondering they would land in the crowds and miss their target. They jumped from the JDF helicopter, from one mile in the air. All four jumpers met their on the ground targets and thrilled the Jamaican crowds in the process.

Not to be left out was the sequence of displays at the Jamaica Military Tattoo that saw a house being built by the JDF engineering team, rescued from fire by the fire brigade and then used to in a hostage rescue display by the JDF soldiers. During all this, granny was in the mix. Jamaicans found her quite entertaining especially when she attempted to rescue her things from the fire, a second time and also as she partook in the obstacle course display.

Another stunning act were the members on display from the Jamaica Constabulary Force Mobile unit, riding across each others path on the polo field at a very speedily. Patrons were aptly warned not to try the stunts, especially on the Jamaican roads or they might find themselves being arrested and charged by some of the same daredevil police, bike riders.

All in all, it was a fabulous event. The Jamaica Military Tattoo Village on the compound, which was adjacent to the display area also, had military related items on display. There is one request on the lips of every Jamaican who attended the event – Do not wait another 29 years, before another such event is staged and have show times in the during the day.


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