Jamaican Sprint Dominance: Sherian Brooks, Yohan Blake blaze to 9.85 in Spitzen Leichtathletik Switzerland


English: Yohan Blake during 2011 World champio...

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

It was another day of business for the Jamaican sprinters Yohan Blake and Sheri-Ann Brooks at the Spitzen Leichtathletik Euro Meet in Switzerland.

Both Blake and Brooks took the first place position in the 100 metres races for men and women. While Yohan Blake was the clear leader to the finish line, Sheri-Ann Brooks 11.12s beat out Trinidad and Tobago sprinter, Baptiste 11.13s, on the finish line.

The 100 metres women race was captivating up to the end; even though Kelly Ann Baptiste was finishing fast, Sheri-Ann Brooks took it at the line. There were four Jamaican women

English: Jamaican sprinter Sheri-Ann Brooks ru...

competing in this event; they included Aileen Bailey 11.25, Trisha Ann Hawthorne 11.30 and Samantha Henry-Robinson 11.51; all yeilding to fourth, fifth and seventh place, respectively.

In the men’s 100 metres event the Caribbean retained all top four positions; Yohan Blake 9.85s,  Michael Frater 10.00s, Marc Burns 10.00s and Lerone Clarke 10.12s. Blake has continued to show both dominance and confidence each time he has competed in his 100 metre and 200 metre events, since winning the 100m at the World Championships.

Other Jamaicans competing at the Spitzen Leichtathletik euro meet in Switzerland included Jamaican 110m hurdles sprinter Shermain Williams 12.97s, who finished 8th in her race.

English: Veronica Campbell-Brown and Carmelita...

In the men’s 110m hurdles, even though there was a false start, Andrew Riley 13.33s finished fast dipping on the line to take second place; almost snatching first place from the United States hurdler Ryan Wilson.

Charonda Williams 22.52s, won the women’s 200m race, beating Jamaican Sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown 22.70s. Veronica gained ground and lead off the curve, however, Williams closed in and passed Brown with almost 10 metres to go.

Jamaica was not to be defeated in the 200 metres men’s race. Jason Young 19.86, of Jamaica also performed exceedingly well, to take first place in the men’s 200 metres. Second place was claimed by Warren Weir 20.11 and fourth position went to Marvin Anderson 20.59. In the women’s 400m hurdles, Jamaican hurdler Ristananna Tracey 56.57 finished in third position.


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