Jamaican Wedding: Unique winter wedding decorations

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By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Winter weddings are not as popular as spring or summer weddings; maybe it has to do with competing with the holiday season. Many people may turn to white as a default color option, going for a snow covered and wintry feel. Those who get married at this time, often use decorations that reflect the winter. Having a wedding ceremony in the winter may be beneficial for some reasons, but it has its cons as well. At this time of year, it is considered, off season; therefore almost everything you incorporate in the wedding ceremony and wedding reception will be cheaper. From wedding flowers to wedding decorations, transportation to venue, and catering to wedding invitations; you might also be able to get sale prices. The main issue will relate to the weather.

You might be having difficulty generating unique ideas for a winter wedding. Adding Christmas lights is a simple solution. Many people have these lying around for the season; therefore it will not be difficult to get them. You can use wedding decorations to light the venue,  this will be gorgeous especially when used at night. It is not a stretch figuring them out and you may have access to people who can create lovely light designs for your wedding. Other items to consider include wreaths and garlands. They can be decorated or not this is your choice. They will translate simply to the occasion. Pinecones, red berries will also add a warm and wintry effect.

Using wedding favors is a traditional practice; people use all kinds of things, and elements. The winter wedding theme can also be integrated in this manner. Pomander balls are a good alternative; this is one sweet smelling tradition. It is not only easy to make them, but also they are incredibly beautiful and a perfect ideas to use as favors. To create them, you pierce an orange with white cloves, and design in any pattern. Then you will tie them with ribbons, in addition to that, you can play around with the colors and types. You then hang them in selected areas and your guests will be relaxed and raving about the aromatic sensations.

Candles are another popular choice. This favorite reeks of romance and love. It is also the most fitting to a winter wedding. We associate candles with winter because many people put candles at the window during this season. You use all the other decorating elements to add to their effect. Many wedding  venues will already be decorated for Christmas; you can take advantage of that and cut your decoration expenses. If they have a Christmas tree you can have guests leave the wedding gifts there. If not, it should be easy enough to provide one. Using ornaments as wedding favors is another unique winter wedding idea.


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