Book Excerpt from Is the Registry Happy by Denise N. Fyffe

The department that handles the brunt of the administrative function at a university if oft referred to as a Registry. The person in charge of said department is called a Registrar. There are a myriad of functions, which originate in this administrative hub. For the life of the student at any institution, a large amount of time will be spent interacting with the officers in this department. Without the effective functioning of this department, the university will be considered incompetent and student customers will be frustrated or unhappy while they study at the institution.

Denise N. Fyffe

Is the Registry Happy bookcover by Denise Fyffe



The idea for this analysis in, Is the Registry Happy by Denise N. Fyffe, was born out of the direct contact with the Registry staff of a learning organisation. .

On the job training

Whether workers have been in the job market for many years or just a day, employers must anticipate training new employees in the company. This can be in specific job functions or organizational practices and culture, which is the accustomed behavioural customs, principles and expectations of their workplace. Oftentimes it is also required that they frequently offer guidance in job-specific technical skills as well. As the job function evolves, so too must the skills of the employee to perform that job effectively.

Worker’s skills are the key component in the success of an organization or business; therefore, it is paramount that they have the best employees possible. Organizations exploit all of their workforce expertise to…

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