How To Respect Your Mate In A Relationship

Respect is as important as love, in a relationship; upon which all our actions are based. The foundation will begin to crumble and destroy the entire structure of any relation if respect is absent. Hurt feelings will fester and sooner or later the disrespected party, will make their feelings known.

Respect in a Jamaican relationship is something you cannot fake. Your words are only signals as to whether you are oblivious or lying. If you truly respect the person you are with, there are certain things you will do and others you most definitely won’t do. If your partner is an observer, the truth will be much more obvious than it is to even you.

Being disrespectful is not just simply saying bad things and treating a person badly. It also involves the things you do not do. Usually, the Jamaican male is often the one being accused but some Jamaican women are guilty as well. Remember being genuine to yourself is key, to being genuine and honest with your partner. If you are not that into your current lover or girlfriend, be honest and it’s best to part ways, than to continue hurting each other.

Respect your partner and they will in turn respect and return your feelings too; if not find someone who will.


Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe


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