Get over it, Women are emotional

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

This is another brief insight into a woman’s mind.

Women are emotional.

This we cannot deny, and I will not spend the rest of my existence denying or defying it. God must have had a very good reason to make women more emotional and men more logical. However, we are all allowed our preferences. There are some women who have learned to use both the emotional and logical elements equally in our favor. As for myself, I am often accused, yes, accused, as being more logical and technical; by Jamaican men no less. Those who can’t seem to come to grips or handle a dose of their own reality. However, it is my emotional side that allows and has created the writer I am.

With that said, I read a piece by a friend and all that I would want to say on an unfiltered emotional rant; girlfriend dished it out. Of course, it had to do with Jamaican men and break ups, emotions and relationships. But isn’t that what makes us women emotionally insane anyway.

Being a creature of control and discipline, I tend to cling to my more logical side. But you can rest assured I have had one too many emotional episodes that I don’t care to admit to. So I am all too grateful for my girlfriend telling it like it is. We Jamaican women, go through some emotional hurricanes, that have gale force winds that would rival Hurricane Katrina. But we are most times still able to keep up the appearance of utter serenity on the outside.

So, let me make it clear for any Jamaican man who doesn’t get it and any Jamaican woman who has denied it. Women are walking, talking, breathing, functioning units of complex and ever-changing emotions. These units will prove their capacity for extremities and ‘multiplexities’ on a dime, if prodded.

However, we are master’s of our own reservoirs and if we so desire; the storm can be calmed with a single notion, thought or action. Therefore, conversely, as Jamaican women we must embrace our total selves in order to have full control. Without understanding we will lack power. Men, a woman being emotional, is not crippling. It indicates our capacity to care about something or someone and prove such.

True power comes from understanding how to wield the tool, and weapon you have been given. This understanding will lead you through life with less battle scars.

Jamaican women embrace your emotions, it is what makes us great mothers, wives, lovers, care givers, and human beings. Without such, this world would be a boring void.

Love flows freely from an emotional creature, Women.


2 thoughts on “Get over it, Women are emotional

  1. K. Spence says:

    Denise, your article on jamaican women and their emotional behavior,is railly helpful to men.i’l exceed my
    respect love appreciation toward women in a bountiful way, starting now.


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