Fibroids testimonial – The Recovery Process from Myomectomy Surgery, Part 2 by Denise N. Fyffe

My uncle came to take me home and to the pharmacy for my medication. But I had to wait yet again. He finally came after I talked myself out of walking out of the hospital and driving myself home. Even though I was strong enough to walk, the procedure at St. Joseph’s is that they wheelchair you to your ride.

More information is provided in my book. See details below.


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Fibroids: The Alien Assassins in My Body by Denise N Fyffe

In this testimonial, Denise shares intimate details from her childhood through to adulthood. She discusses, how fibroids or as they are also called myomas, fibromyomas, or leiomyomas, have affected her daily life and the adjustments that she was forced to make. After reading this book, women will become more informed about a disease that affects 80 percent of women; while making life miserable for one in four.

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Denise N. Fyffe

The Recovery Process from Myomectomy Surgery

It’s October, almost one year after my Myomectomy surgery, which is the surgical removal of fibroids from the uterus. I have experienced different things during my recovery. At the moment, I am feeling strong and for the most part am fully engaged.

female patient fibroid image 2 courtesy of newtimes-co-rw

Day 1

When I woke up, I wondered about my dual surgery and why I was not feeling any discomfort where I had a tumor or growth; separate from the fibroids. The following morning when my anesthesiologists came to check on me, I woke up again. She explained that I had lost nearly half of my blood and the surgery had to be cut short because of the complications that developed.

This explained why I was placed in front of the nurses station and also why my poor mother looked so distressed. I was in critical condition. 😦

I was also very thirsty. I…

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