Flow Jamaica: Day 3 ‘Magical Christmas’ No Internet Service

On the third day of Christmas, my blood pressure is through the roof! ‘This is the heights of slackness. I can’t take anymore!’ It is ruin for me, I have all the proof!

Thursday, December, 21, 2017 it’s obvious Flow Jamaica doesn’t care about customer service or how they impact people’s lives. Their Christmas jingle is simply filled with lies.

I dial 💯 very distraught, trying not to get irate. 5:00 p.m. had come and gone and I still had no internet connection, ‘Wah Dem Tek we fah? Bait!’

After waiting for more than a few minutes, the rep comes on and I spew my compliant.

What is going on?

Why am I still without internet?

Make sure I am not charged. Onnu not getting one red cent.

Your customer service agents lie, just to appease us residents.

Look at the log, when was the last update.

Poor chick, she seemed a bit more competent than the last incompetent. At least, she could tell me it was a fiber issue and they were working on it.

Another farce!

I said, ‘This is ridiculous, it’s been three days. 48 hours has long passed.’

I bought a credit, put on a two day data plan. There goes more of my money out the door with FLOW JAMAICA; dancing and grinning, hand in hand.

I get online, tried their Facebook page this time. They ask for my account number and by midnight said it would take 24 to 48 hours for them to deal with it, AGAIN. 

I said it had already been 72 HOURS!

Flow Jamaica, customer service is the worst on God’s green earth. Agents, reps and technicians don’t care one way! Everybody agrees, since Lime Jamaica took over FLOW, it’s been the worst ever and this all Jamaicans already know.

Oh what a slackness! Flow Jamaica, your ‘magical Christmas’ is worthy of it’s own ratsy award show. 
Onnu treat onnu own Jamaican people much worse dan di foreigners dem from abroad. Nuh wonda so much people run we left Dem yaad.


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