Feature on Career Development Books by Denise N. Fyffe

At present in Jamaica, many of the graduates of secondary institutions enter the job market ill-equipped to access the opportunities available to them. It is important that career awareness, career exploration and career preparation activities be incorporated into their early education.

Denise N. Fyffe

Is the Registry Happy bookcover by Denise Fyffe



The idea for this analysis in, Is the Registry Happy by Denise N. Fyffe, was born out of the direct contact with the Registry staff of a learning organisation. Questions and concerns arose as to the career development exposure of the staff members and the benefits that could be derived from this type of exposure. The overall perspective of the department, from the vantage point of the students and customers is that there are seemingly too many problems and difficulties. Hence, it is of added value to dispel that notion while increasing the capabilities and outlook of the staff.

Empowering the 21st Century Worker bookcover


Empowering the 21st Century Worker exposes the research, analysis, implications and findings of on the job training for one learning organisation. It takes a close look at the processes and infrastructure in place for employee training and whether positive organisational change is the result.

LMS system efficiency book cover v3


Companies needlessly spend millions of dollars…

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