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Jamaican Food: Sumptuous Jamaican Curry Feast with Rice and Peas

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Good Morning!

I trust that you are having a lovely weekend.

After the glory that was Shrimp with Curry Cream Sauce yesterday, I decided it’d be nice to have a whole dang island-style meal.  This is great for a gang, and you can make tons of the dishes in advance!

No good island meal is complete with out rice, so make some Jamaican Rice and Peas.  You can make this earlier in the day and just turn the stove on low to heat it up when you want to eat it.  YUM.

For the Jamaican shrimp, of course, make the sauce in advance and drop the raw shrimp in 10 minutes or so before you’d like to serve.  Perfect!

I like to have slaw on the side, too, so shred some Jamaican cabbage, make your favorite dressing, and serve that sh*t.

Then, cut up every Jamaican vegetable in your house (within reason) and make some super tangy jerk vegetables and gravy.  Use whatever Jamaican jerk seasoning you like, or make your own!

Finally, use the same Jamaican jerk seasoning and sprinkle it over some chicken.  Grill the chicken with pineapple, peppers, or anything else that you like!

Enjoy this one, guys.  It’s a fun Jamaican meal that everyone can contribute to (chopping, stirring, grilling, peeling shrimp….) so that no one person has to do all the work!  The ingredients are cheap, and the results are DELICIOUS.  Have a great weekend!


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