Tokyo Olympics Summer 2021

Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Covid-19 Cases at the 2021 Olympic Games

The Covid-19 virus is spiking cases and setting records in Japan. Since our July 23, 2021 update there have been many more cases, which aren’t being broadcast as widely.

The Greek artistic swimming team is the latest casualty as they had to withdraw because of positive cases and being quarantined.

According to USA Today, “All 12 team members have been moved out of the Olympic Village and are in quarantine, Tokyo 2020 spokesman Takaya Masa said Wednesday… Tokyo organizers reported 29 new cases of COVID-19 among Olympic personnel on Wednesday, a single-day high since they began tracking on July 1. Four of those were athletes, also a single-day high.”

Unfortunately, “Greece will miss the team competition in artistic swimming after five members of the 12-woman team tested positive for COVID-19 and the others were deemed to be close contacts”

Many athletes have had to come to the realization that attending the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 was a BIG risk.

Covid virus Outbreak, up to July 23, 2021

According to the BBC, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reported that over 320 Covid cases linked to the Olympics since 1 July. “Most of the cases were Japanese nationals, and many were amongst contractors providing services for the Games.”

Covid-19 Cases up to August 4, 2021

Covid 19 cases at Tokyo Olympics as at Aug 4

For daily updates on the Covid-19 cases, visit the Olympics website.

Daily medal count and country rank at Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

  1. Day 2 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Country Rank and Medal Count
  2. Day 3 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Japan Leads Country Rank and China Leads Medal Count
  3. Day 4 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: USA Has Most Medals Counted But Japan Still Leads Country Rank
  4. Day 5 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Russia Claws Up in Medals Count and Country Rank
  5. Day 6 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: China Now Leading Country Rank and Medal Count
  6. Day 7 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Day 7 Country Rank and Medal Count
  7. Day 8 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Day 8 Country Rank and Medal Count
  8. Day 9 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Day 9 Country Rank and Medal Count
  9. Day 10 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Day 10 Country Rank and Medal Count
  10. Day 11 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Day 11 Country Rank and Medal Count
  11. Day 12 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Day 12 Country Rank and Medal Count
  12. Day 14 – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Day 14 Country Rank and Medal Count
  13. Final Day – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Final Country Rank and Medal Count

Stay tuned for more from the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021.


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